Where the Rhodopes begin and end the Thracian Plain
Where the Chepinska River comes out of the gorge and flows into Maritsa river
With cool summer nights and hot winter days
With hot springs and cold wells
With green meadows and fig trees
With three thousand people, guarding the covenants of the past
without losing sight of the new, you will find Varvara complex.

15 km away from Pazardjik in the direction of Velingrad, in the most exotic part between Sredna Gora and the Rhodopes, next to the Eldere river, you will find the coziness and tranquility of Varvara Complex.

It is located 89.57 km from Sofia. For more information and navigation, use the Google Maps link.

The restaurant offers a varied menu with delicious Bulgarian specialties prepared in old Rhodope recipes and a wide choice of selected wines from the typical Bulgarian varieties “Mavrud”, “Merlot”, “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Chardonnay”.